leadership building at Sanford Global School

Training in Democracy

The Sanford School enlists and guides the talents, energies, and aspirations of students to higher levels of achievement through opportunities of leadership, constantly nurturing, improving and reforming personalities to take on larger roles at leadership.

  • Monitor System- Class Level
  • House Caption

Sports and Games

Games and activities

Sports and games have a remarkable role to play in a child's overall upbringing. They inculcate the spirit of competitiveness and teamwork simultaneously.

They keep the students physically fit and increase self-confidence. At Sanford the Global School, we have a great sporting infrastructure with a sprawling ground, lush lawns all that is just ideal for Cricket, Football and Hockey. There are also standard facilities for Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Volley-ball, Shuttle Badminton, Billiards, Table Tennis, Archery, Go-karting, and Skating etc. inside the school premises. Proficient and dedicated coaches shall train the students to bring out the sporting spirit and winning instincts in them and help them excel in chosen fields.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor playing

Field trips, visits, and excursions will be a regular feature of our school curriculum.

Outdoor activities will be planned in accordance with the syllabus being covered in class for hands-on learning and experience. For example, to understand our natural world children will be taken for nature walks, to the zoo, gardens, treks etc.



  • In music class children will sing, play instruments, listen and move to the music
  • They will learn music appreciation and sensitivity
  • Sing songs with melody patterns which are repetitive and easy
  • Sing in small choirs
  • Learn about the elements of musical sound
  • Develop voice by singing alone
  • Blend their voice with others in a group
  • Sing expressively on a pitch (high or low) with correct dynamics (soft and loud)
  • Combine music and movement
  • Children will play musical instruments such as Rhythm Sticks and Drums (individually and in groups)
  • Training to participate in different competitions


  • Students will sing musical notes (simple to complex patterns)
  • Voice training for solo singing
  • Recognition of musical notes
  • Respond to beat and rhythm of music by creative movements
  • Understanding and training in classical Hindustani music
  • Introduction to vocational courses in music
  • Children will learn to play musical instruments such as (Keyboard, Drums)

Literary Activities

Literary Activities
  • Elocution
  • Debate
  • Language Clubs
  • Public Speaking
  • Quizzes
  • Creative Writing