Director's Sanford Global School
Mr.Ravindar Rao
    “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
    Sri Sankineni Ravinder Rao is a symbol of simplicity and never say die attitude who never claims any reward for his helping hands.

Director's profile

He did his MSc Chemistry from Osmania University, M.Phil from Hyderabad central university and started his career as a degree college lecturer and continued the same for 6 years. He had the privilege to serve the pollution control department as Scientific Officer of Andhra Pradesh state govt. Even then he has kept the flare of an outstanding educationalist, which prompted him to start Intermediate, UG & PG Colleges in deferent parts of Hyderabad. Understanding that Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel he established SANFORD THE GLOBAL SCHOOL to put the seed of knowledge in the hearts and minds of younger ones. Indeed, under his prolific guidance, SANFORD will continue the success journey.

Director's Message

As I have gone through the thick and thins of education I did realize the society needs a literate generation to make our country competitive and every individual has a vital role to play in this regard. Hence the little step which I have taken in creating SANFORD a reality would serve the purpose of my country. So I am tenacious to reach out all the means and ways to molds our students to fully embrace every challenge they might face. We will spark our student’s curiosity, support them as they become independent and inspire them to become lifelong learners.

The 21st century is calling for compassionate, human contributors, critical thinkers, creative innovators, and versatile and skilled communicators. The SANFORD faculty and staff strive to prepare our students for the many exciting challenges that are our collective future.

Inside and outside the classroom, we will emphasize the traditional values of self-discipline, mutual respect, good behavior and the highest standards of uniform. In doing so, we are aiming to equip all our students to be responsible and caring global citizens.

I strongly believe together with our parents, we will create a thriving community where ambitious and enthusiastic children can lay the foundation for a successful and happy life.