Admission to the Sanford School is open to all children without any distinction of caste, creed, color or religion.

Play Group

1 year 6 month


2 year 6 month

Junior Kindergarten

3 year 6 month

Senior Kindergarten

4 year 6 month


Class Ages (In years)
I 5 yrs. 6 mths (Primary Admission)
II 6 yrs. 6 mths (Primary Admission)
III 7yrs. 6 mths (Primary Admission)
IV 8 yrs. 6 mths (Primary Admission)
V 9 yrs. 6 mths (Primary Admission)
VI 10 yrs. 6 mths (Middle School Admission)
VII 11 yrs. 6 mths (Middle School Admission)

Pre Primary Admission

Play Group, Nursery, Jr. Kindergarten, Sr. Kindergarten

The Sanford School's preschool in Hyderabad includes playgroup, nursery, and kindergarten for children of different age groups. The children from the pre-school section's Sr. Kindergarten graduate to the Sanford School for their further studies.

Parents seeking admission for their kids in The Sanford School's Playgroup or in nursery/ kindergarten in Hyderabad are requested to submit filled up registration form along with all the required attachments to the Admission Processing Cell.

  • Please note that incomplete forms are liable to be disregarded
  • The management of the Sanford School pre-school, Hyderabad reserves the right to refuse admission if it deems fit. The decision of the management is final and binding and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained
  • Admission will only be confirmed upon receipt of the completed form and all applicable attachments along with the admission and the quarter's fees
  • Age eligibility criteria for admission are detailed in the table given below


Boarding the Vehicle

  • The pick-up and drop-off spots are fixed.
  • The student should use only his/ her allotted vehicle and stop. Any change will need prior permission of the school.
  • While waiting for a vehicle, students must stay away from the edge of the road and not indulge in unsafe or unruly behavior.
  • Students/ receivers should be at the stop at least 10 (ten) minutes before the scheduled arrival of the vehicle. The bus shall not wait in case student/ receiver is late.
  • No student should approach the entry/ exit door of the vehicle until it comes to a complete halt.
  • Immediately after boarding, a student must sit down at his/ her assigned seat and avoid standing or be moving around while the vehicle is in motion only the designated door must be used to enter/ exit, except in emergencies
  • In case a student misses his/ her vehicle, it shall be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to make sure the student reaches the school on time. In such a situation, students may use his/ her allotted vehicle to return from school
  • The student shall be handed over ONLY to the person authorized to receive the student.
  • In case there is no one to collect the child, the student will be escorted back to school. Parents will then have to pick up the student from the school premises.

Transport Contact Rules

  • For any queries/suggestions related to conveyance please contact the transport department ONLY. Please do not communicate with the bus driver or attendant.
  • Safety and security are of paramount importance. The school shall continuously adhere and evolve policies for ensuring high degrees of safety and security. Parents/ Guardians/ Students must keep the same in mind and adhere to behavior which would ensure safety and security.

Guidelines for parents/ guardians

  • Parents are not allowed to board the vehicle under any circumstance
  • Under no circumstances should the parents/guardians compel the vehicle driver/attendant to divert the vehicle route or change any pick-up or drop-off spots
  • In the event of change in residential address or telephone/ mobile nos., please intimate the school in writing as early as possible
  • Parents having any complaints or suggestions regarding the vehicle facility, should contact the school, and refrain from making such suggestions to the vehicle driver/ attendant
  • While the school shall endeavor to provide this facility to most students, it is subject to availability of seats and feasibility of a route in case of a bus developing a technical snag, parents may be requested to pick their child from that point


The Sanford School upwards of class 1 has a House System which aims to give students an environment of diversity within one community, it fosters rapport building, a sense of identity and pride. It is an integral part of the school providing exciting competition and vibrancy and also reflects the ethos of the Sanford School.